York Regional Police

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Welcome to the York Regional Police Online Reporting System. If this is an EMERGENCY, please call 911.
  • York Regional Police will only accept reports that occurred inside York Region. To report a non-emergency incident that occurred outside York Region, please contact the local police service for that area. Click here for map of York Region.
  • You MUST have a valid email address to use this system
  • If you have a suspect, please call Police
  • if you feel victimized based upon the suspect's hate/bias, please call Police and Click here for details
  • if you believe this is Domestic Violence related , please call Police and Click here for details

Click on the Incident Type that you would like to report, a definition will be provided.

Damage to Vehicle Identity Theft/Fraud Lost Property
Theft (Under $10,000) Theft from Vehicle Mischief/Damage to Property

Please Note:

  • Filing a false police report is a criminal offence.
  • Reports filed on behalf of a third party, i.e. another person or for public property, will not be accepted. Reports must be filed by the actual complainant, owner or authorized representative.
  • Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted by email. Please remember to check your email spam/junk folders.
  • Please make sure to turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing the report.
  • To report lost or stolen Canadian and foreign passports and/or Federal Canadian documents, please call Police and click here for more details.
  • To report lost or stolen vehicle and/or license plate, please call Police.
  • To report lost or stolen Prescription Drugs, please call Police.
  • If a vehicle owner has more than one vehicle involved in one incident, please use “Add Vehicle” button to submit vehicles on the same report.